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Helping Banks optimize their
Balance Sheet & Financial Risks

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MORS is a complete Asset Liability (ALM), Liquidity Risk

and Treasury Management solution for banks.

IBSM Solutions represents MORS Software in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean. 

Through our collaboration with MORS we are well positioned in delivering ALM consulting services and high-quality products for banks in our region.

MORS Software develops and provides a complete Asset & Liability (ALM), liquidity, interest rate risk and treasury management solution for banks. Dynamic modelling of the bank's balance sheet makes it possible to satisfy both the highest demands on the internal management of the bank and the requirements of regulation.

MORS solution is based on intelligent and powerful in-memory analytics, offering real-time analysis and reporting throughout the entire bank. Many financial institutions use MORS solution for monitoring, managing and optimizing their performance within internal and external constraints. In 2018, MORS Software received the ALM System of the Year award from Risk (Technology Awards). MORS has also been awarded Best Balance Sheet System of the year in the 2020 bobsguide Awards, and it has been ranked #2 in the Balance Sheet Risk category of the Center for Financial Professionals (CeFPro) Fintech Leaders 2021 report.



MORS is a modular solution offering functionality for different types of users and needs

Depending on your priorities, MORS solution and its modules are packaged to meet the following needs.


With MORS Integrated ALM (Asset & Liability Management) approach banks can monitor, manage and report interest rate risk and liquidity risk in one system.


MORS Holistic approach offers ALM & Treasury Management in one system.

MORS Point Solution

Banks fulfil specific interest rate risk, liquidity risk and treasury management requirements by using one of MORS modules.

ALM as Reporting Service

MORS ALM as a Reporting Service supports banks with an outsourced ALM function.


Improves Efficiency
MORS improves Treasury ALM processes, enabling focus on risk analysis and decision making. MORS shortens lead times for report and scenario generation, providing intuitive and configurable set-ups. MORS delivers additional efficiencies covering multiple risk surfaces, such as interest rate risk, liquidity risk and counterparty risk, in one integrated system.

Saves Costs
MORS implementation projects are standardized, decreasing overall costs of system implementation. Once implemented, MORS gathers, reconciles and updates source data automatically, lowering system operating costs. MORS annual software license costs are fixed and include new software releases twice a year. These offer predictability and cost savings in Treasury ALM.

Optimizes Balance Sheet
MORS helps Treasury ALM practitioners maximize NII within regulatory and internal constraints. MORS calculates key ratios (such as LCR, NSFR, NII, EaR, EVE, IRRBB) on a continuous basis, providing excellent decision-making support. In addition, MORS is a tool for internal assessment processes and ad-hoc stress test requirements, further increasing the benefits of the system.

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